Spock: Live Long And Prosper

Artist's rendering of Spock and the Starfleet Insignia over the backdrop of a nebula.
An artist's rendering of Spock, one of the most respected and renowned figures in the United Federation of Planets. Image © L.Fleming. Used with permission.

When World's Collide

Spock was born in the Vulcan city of Shi'Kahr on Stardate 2230.06, the Earth calendar equivalent of the 6th of January 2230 to a Human school teacher named Amanda Grayson and Sarek a Vulcan scientist and diplomat. Spock experienced many hardships throughout his early life due to his mixed-heritage, enduring the bullying of Vulcan children determined to illicit an emotional response from Spock's "human-half" and he admitted later in life that emotions still confused him.

  • -2230s- Spock is diagnosed with L'tak Terai, the Vulcan equivalent of dyslexia, which, it was determined, he had inherited from his human mother.
  • -2230s- Spock is introduced to his foster sister, Micheal Burnham. Sarek and Amanda considered it their responsibility to care for the human girl after her parents apparent death on the Vulcan colony Doctari Alpha.
  • -2237- At the age of seven, Spock decides to undertake the Kahs-Wan (a maturity trial conducted in the Vulcan Wilderness) without his parents knowledge or permission and is almost killed
  • -2249- A young Spock enters Starfleet Academy against his father's wishes opening an 18-year chasm of silence between the father and son.

Where No Vulcan Had Gone Before

Spock was the first Vulcan to enlist in the Federation Starfleet, he was commissioned as a Starfleet officer in 2250 with the serial number S 179-276 SP, and he held an A7 computer expert classification.

  • -2254- Spock is assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise, serving under Captain Christopher Pike
  • -2257- Spock takes an unspecified leave of absence from Starfleet. The events of this time period are classified by The Federation as Above Top Secret.
  • -2258- Spock returns to his position as Science Officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise, again serving under Capt. Pike.
  • -2265- James T. Kirk assumes command of the Enterprise with, now Lieutenant Commander, Spock as his First Officer.
  • -2270- After the completion of his five-year mission aboard the Starship Enterprise, Spock returns home to Vulcan to undergo the ritual of Kolinahr in an effort to purge himself of the last vestiges of emotion.

The Needs Of The Many

Throughout his life, Spock always believed in the greater good and sacrifice of self. He was an ambassador, a diplomat and a champion of peace without a single thought to what his efforts cost him.

  • -2293- Spock served as the Federation Special Envoy to the Klingon government, his actions during this time paved the way for the Khitomer Peace Accords despite enduring great personal hardship.
  • -2368- Spock secretly travels to Romulus without the backing of The Federation to further the cause of Romulan/Vulcan reunification.
  • -2387- Spock attempts to halt an expanding supernova which threatened to destroy Romulus and ends up pulled into a black hole and transferred to an alternate reality.
The Mission Continues